So I have been doing quite a lot of experimenting with nodejs. Really enjoying it at the moment.
I started by creating a simple website using the express web framework and mongodb. I ran this app on the cloudfoundry service.
After doing this I decided to do something a little more challenging and interesting.
I’m going to be building a html5 and javascript multiplayer game and using nodejs on the server side for the tcp server.

I have already started on the code base locally, but wanted to run it on my vps so Today I got nodejs installed and connected to my nodejs tcp server.

For those interested in installing nodejs on centos 5 here is what I did:

First I installed the centos development tools package using yum:

yum groupinstall 'Development Tools' you may already have this.

Next I got nodejs from and used wget to pull it down; you could also clone using git.

wget where x is the vers you want.

next I ran

gunzip node-v0.x.x.tar.gz and also tar -xf node-v0.x.x.tar

then you need to cd into the new dir and run ./configure
then run make
and then finally make install

if like me you want node on a particular tcp in and out port you may need to configure the firewall. If you are using whm/cpanel this is quite easy by adding a port to the tcp_in and tcp_out fields of the firewall config.

I made a dir mkdir /var/node to keep my node app in and to test it I used the basic node tcp example on and connected using mudlet get mudlet

And thats it. So over the next few weeks I will add more posts about the development of the game etc.

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