So it’s a new year and this post is largely a base of reference for myself to look over as the year progresses.

Coding Soundtracks

So I registered the domain and plan to and have been building a fairly simple website allowing coders to add their favourite coding soundtracks for other coders to find.
It is currently live at coding soundtracks


Eventzin was a previous project which while it never quite took off on its first iteration does offer potential for being a useful tool. Basically it is a simple way to set up events with your friends, even friends that aren’t on eventzin. This will be rebuilt with node and also js css html5 mobile apps, probably using either sencha touch or the new jqmobi.

Walking Companion

Walking companion is personal project which will be a native iOS app doing something which has already been done, but something which I want to have an experiment with. It will be an app to keep track of your walks, how far your walk each week, how many calories you burn etc.

Kids Game on the Ipad

Having a 3yr old has told me that parents with iPads buy quite a lot of apps. The iPad is a brilliant device for children. The interface is perfect for a child’s hands on interaction. All of this has made me want to do a kids game. More on this later.

This is an attempt to try harness the connected networks we have created and use them to help find missing people. Again this would likely be build in node js and then cross platform mobile app.


This is a business project. I bought this site at the end of last year and while it is paying for itself, it needs some investment of time and effort on my part to bring it to a better place and improve the revenue flow from it.


Finally, but not least, Nomad is a novel that I am writing. I hope to have a reasonable draft of this completed by the end of the year.

So that’s it. A busy year ahead as I have also just started a new job with start up company Feedhenry.

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