Project Plan for the year.

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Jan 282012

So it’s a new year and this post is largely a base of reference for myself to look over as the year progresses.

Coding Soundtracks

So I registered the domain and plan to and have been building a fairly simple website allowing coders to add their favourite coding soundtracks for other coders to find.
It is currently live at coding soundtracks


Eventzin was a previous project which while it never quite took off on its first iteration does offer potential for being a useful tool. Basically it is a simple way to set up events with your friends, even friends that aren’t on eventzin. This will be rebuilt with node and also js css html5 mobile apps, probably using either sencha touch or the new jqmobi.

Walking Companion

Walking companion is personal project which will be a native iOS app doing something which has already been done, but something which I want to have an experiment with. It will be an app to keep track of your walks, how far your walk each week, how many calories you burn etc.

Kids Game on the Ipad

Having a 3yr old has told me that parents with iPads buy quite a lot of apps. The iPad is a brilliant device for children. The interface is perfect for a child’s hands on interaction. All of this has made me want to do a kids game. More on this later.

This is an attempt to try harness the connected networks we have created and use them to help find missing people. Again this would likely be build in node js and then cross platform mobile app.


This is a business project. I bought this site at the end of last year and while it is paying for itself, it needs some investment of time and effort on my part to bring it to a better place and improve the revenue flow from it.


Finally, but not least, Nomad is a novel that I am writing. I hope to have a reasonable draft of this completed by the end of the year.

So that’s it. A busy year ahead as I have also just started a new job with start up company Feedhenry.

Run nodejs app on centos 5 vps

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Dec 062011

So I have been doing quite a lot of experimenting with nodejs. Really enjoying it at the moment.
I started by creating a simple website using the express web framework and mongodb. I ran this app on the cloudfoundry service.
After doing this I decided to do something a little more challenging and interesting.
I’m going to be building a html5 and javascript multiplayer game and using nodejs on the server side for the tcp server.

I have already started on the code base locally, but wanted to run it on my vps so Today I got nodejs installed and connected to my nodejs tcp server.

For those interested in installing nodejs on centos 5 here is what I did:

First I installed the centos development tools package using yum:

yum groupinstall 'Development Tools' you may already have this.

Next I got nodejs from and used wget to pull it down; you could also clone using git.

wget where x is the vers you want.

next I ran

gunzip node-v0.x.x.tar.gz and also tar -xf node-v0.x.x.tar

then you need to cd into the new dir and run ./configure
then run make
and then finally make install

if like me you want node on a particular tcp in and out port you may need to configure the firewall. If you are using whm/cpanel this is quite easy by adding a port to the tcp_in and tcp_out fields of the firewall config.

I made a dir mkdir /var/node to keep my node app in and to test it I used the basic node tcp example on and connected using mudlet get mudlet

And thats it. So over the next few weeks I will add more posts about the development of the game etc.

So.. Here We Go- Eventzin

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Mar 302011

For the last 4 months or so, I’ve been working almost solidly on new project. This is a project that I feel as though I have been slowly working towards over a long period of time.

So what is it? Eventzin is a location based, event sharing and discovery tool designed to help you get more people to your events and also to help you find out the best of what’s going on around you. That may sound a little cliched, but bare with me.

The idea was born from often being unsure of what was going on, when on a night out in my own city and also when travelling to other cities, and even if I did know of events happening, not knowing which was the best to spend my limited time and money on. I also wanted to know which events my friends were interested in going to, without all the effort of a whole lot of texting.

I also wanted to harness the power of the new social wave currently engulfing the web.

I mean, sure you can go to regular events website’s that lists a wild assortment of what is going on, but how do you know which is the best local band to go and listen to or which event is getting the attention of the people in the know ~ ie The Locals? Or maybe there is a great event happening that hasn’t made it onto your site of choice. It comes down to this: the people who know are the people that are involved, and in touch with the different scenes within a city or town.

I wanted to be able to walk into town (any city or town) for that matter, on a night out and find out quickly and easily what and where I should go to have a great night. I wanted to know what people were excited about on a Friday night and so where in turn I should be pointing not only my feet, but also the feet of my friends.

Ontop of this, to embrace the social elements, I really wanted to be able to set up my own events, which, in turn could revolve around other events that were happening, send my friends invites and have them send on invites to others. I wanted and want to try and allow people to plan a night out, but also be able to be on a night out and pick up on an event in the area that was creating alot of excitement or “buzz” if you will.

So it was out of these core ideas that eventzin was born. And I along with my brother, Phil have been working hard ever since to try and get a decent prototype together that can encapsulate these ideas.

Just last week we released a private alpha. It’s a bit rough and ready, but it illustrates what we are trying to do. We are now working hard to get to Beta. I will keep you posted over the coming months of how I’m getting on, the lessons learned and the developments made.


Craig (Co Founder Eventzin) @maleck13 | @eventzin



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